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Understanding lexical meaning, including meaning in context and the lexical processing of meaning in the brain, has been the driving impetus behind much of my research. In earlier research, I focused on the construction of a psycholinguistic theory of sense processing, and the construction of a cognitive model to explain conceptual and novel metaphor processing. My current research direction now takes context into account, by examining the lexical choices and conceptual metaphors used by speakers of different political backgrounds in different political genres. This area of research contributes to understanding why a speaker makes certain lexical choices and how these choices reflect his or her world conceptualization.

In addition to my research in cognitive linguistics and discourse analysis, I also explore stylistic issues in children's literature. As a creative writer myself, language choice and stylistic concerns are always at the forefront of any textual analysis. To this end, I have given lectures on narratology, picture book evaluation, picture book use in language teaching, and textual analysis of picture books.

I taught in the Graduate Institute of Linguistics and the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at National Taiwan University for over a decade, and I am now the Head of the Language Centre at Hong Kong Baptist University, a publicly-funded liberal arts university known for its emphasis on whole person education.

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