Politics, Gender, and Conceptual Metaphors

The past two decades have seen an increase in the number of women serving in high-level political positions in countries throughout the world. The papers in this volume will look at corpus-based data from a wide variety of countries and use contrastive linguistic analyses to determine to what extent the conceptual metaphors used by women in political power differs with, or remains the same as that of men (who have previously served or who are currently serving with them) and what effect this has on women's and men's power in the political arena and in society. 
All analyses rely on a corpus of political speeches, interviews, or conversations that have a clear rationale for its existence as well as clear guidelines involved in its creation. This volume brings together well-known political scientists and linguists to create an interdisciplinary compendium that will examine the interplay between gender and metaphor in politics in England, America, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, and Singapore.

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Table of Contents

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 Notes on Contributors

1.  Introduction: Analyzing Conceptual Metaphors in Political Language

Kathleen Ahrens


Part I       Speeches

2.  Metaphor, Politics and Gender: A Case Study from Germany

Veronika Koller & Elena Semino

3.  Metaphor, Politics, and Gender: A Case Study from Italy

Elena Semino & Veronika Koller

4.  Gender versus Politics: When Conceptual Models Collide

Kathleen Ahrens and Sophia Lee

5.    Irish Politics, Language and Gender: Constructing the Difference

Encarnacion Hidalgo Tenorio

6.  Non una donna in politica, ma una donna politica: Women's Political Language in an Italian Context

Gill Philip

7.  Hillary v. Obama '08: The Gendered Politics of Indecision

Elvin Lim


Part II   Debates

8.   Metaphor and Gender in British Parliamentary Debates

Jonathan Charteris-Black

9.   Sex Differences in the Usage of Spatial Metaphors: A Case Study of Political Language

Anatol Stefanowitsch

10.    Conceptual Metaphors of Family and Home in Political Debates in the USA

Karen Adams


Part III     Advertisements and Policy Statements

11.  Women and the Body Politic: Political Metaphors in Advertising

Michelle Lazar

12.   Power as a Conceptual Metaphor of Gender Inequality: Comparing Dutch and Spanish Politics

Petra Meier & Emanuela Lombardo