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Represented by Erzsi Deak at Hen & Ink Literary Studio


Code Love

After being manipulated by a guy she thought was a close friend, a high school programmer is determined to provide girls the connections they crave without the heartache, so she swears off guys and devotes herself to winning a coding competition by programming the perfect boyfriend. But when a classmate who delivers her groceries walks into her life, keeping her mind focused on her code and away from his stellar abs and hesitant smile becomes more and more difficult. CODE LOVE is for those who want to read about what it's like to fall in love when every fiber of your being is programmed against it.

Image by Joanna Nix-Walkup

It Can't Be Real

19-year-old Taipei real-estate scion Bo, short for Bo-jue, is dreading his half-brother's wedding to the former love of Bo's life. Wanting to avoid even the hint of a relationship at any cost now or in the future, Bo ends up paying his English tutor, Cassi, to be his plus one, with the one stipulation that their relationship can't be real. Cassi, who needs the money for college tuition, readily agrees. But when she finds out that the bride is his ex, she goes all in to make it seem as real as possible, and before the night is over both she and Bo have fallen for each other, with neither one willing to admit it. IT CAN'T BE REAL is for anyone who wants to know what to do when you're not sure where promises end and love begins.

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Love Saving Mars

After following a rigorous AI-designed program that has trained her to revitalize colonization on Mars, a 16-year old orphan is on the verge of leading the next-generation cohort to the Martian colony. But when she travels off-base to say her final goodbye to her sister, she meets and falls in love with an earth-bound guy, leading her to ask why she is trying so hard to take the next step for humankind when everything she wants is right here on Earth. LOVE SAVING MARS is for those who want to read about what it's like to fall in love in a world that's falling apart.

My Story

I was born in the suburbs of New York City and aspired to be an astronaut and to live in a skyscraper. Poor eyesight led me to give up on my first dream, but living in Taipei and Hong Kong allowed me to fulfill the second.

As a child, I read constantly — often in very dim lighting — hence the poor eyesight, and I could often be found with a book in one hand and a dictionary in another, now clear precursors of my love for both literature and language. My favorite subjects in high school were Latin and French, but my aptitude in math led me to first study computer science and later, after I grew bored writing computer programs that mimicked war scenarios, to study Chinese.

My love of languages led to a productive career in linguistics, but I never lost my love for literature. So nowadays, when I’m not working on a research paper on metaphor theory, or taking long hikes, or wishing a feline would adopt me to be their human, you can find me at my computer, writing stories.

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